Kansas City Remembers 9/11

Thom Warren

my 9/11 story

Staten Island NY NY

September 11, 2001, I awoke in my apartment in Staten Island NY and started to get ready to go into Manhattan for an audition. As I was making coffee, showering, etc., I had a feeling that maybe I shouldn't go to the audition, but all along I kept getting ready. Then as I was about to get dressed I just decided not to go. Having made the decision I settled down with more coffee and started watching the Today show. As I was watching the events of the day began and I was glued to the television and the phone speaking with my mother on LI until I lost transmission on both due to the collapse of the buildings. Turns out I was lucky in deciding not to go to my audition. Had I gone I would have been entering the subway at the Trade Center at or around the time the first plane hit. Sometimes it pays to listen to the voice in your head.

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