Kansas City Remembers 9/11

Josh Mourning

KC Star Remembers 9/11

Roeland Park KS

I was in bed after a late night out during my junior year at K-State. My mom called and left a message on my answering machine ( didn't have a cellphone yet, how weird is that?!) about a terrible accident in New York. I woke up and wandered into my living room and my room-mate Jake was already up and he said "you gotta see this, man". I'll never forget it. All eyes were glued to the tv all day waiting and waiting for more information. I remember watching the first and then the second building collapse..I was taking a Graduate Level course called International Relations and it was the only class not canceled that day because we were studying Usama Bin-Laden at the time. That night there was a run on gasoline in Manhattan because there was so much uncertainty. Lines at gas stations were a mile long in every direction. My buddy Lee and I stayed up until two or three in the morning and then went and filled up my car. I remember that day in Manhattan being particularly beautiful. It's strange the way time marches forward, it's strange its already been ten years. So much has changed while so much has stayed the same.

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