Kansas City Remembers 9/11

Phil Smith

Kansas City Mo, MO – “On Sept 11, 2001, my wife and I were stuck in New York City, having missed our flight the night before to Singapore. We were given the option the night before to ...”

Holly Hatfield

Overland Park, KS – “I remember getting ready for work watching GMA and seeing the 2nd plane hit the World Trade Center. I knew then and there this was a terrorist attack. Then later when I ...”

Charlie Decker

Shawnee, KS – “I had a flight scheduled on 9/11 back to KC from Nashville. I was working and heard like everyone else and thought like many some idiot flew his Cessna into the building...kept ...”

Elton Ladd

Grandview, MO, MO – “I can remember the day like it was just something that happened yesterday. My wife and I (girlfriend at the time) were vacationing in Minneapolis, MN visiting the area and more specifically ...”

Devin Kroner

Olathe, KS – “I was the editor of my high school paper, and a senior in high school. I always arrived early to check news feeds. I was the first person in my school to ...”

Frank Ryan

Lawrence, Kansas, KS – “I was in gym class at Lawrence High School when the news came over the intercom. Everyone moved to the cafeteria TV. I remember fellow students thinking Kansas could be a target ...”

Jeanene Dunn

Kansas City, MO – “I was at work at Black & Veatch when a coworker came in and announced that a plane had hit one of the World Trade Center buildings. Someone turned on a TV ...”

Mandy Schintz

Liberty, MO – “I was a junior at Winnetonka when my 2nd hour marketing teacher turned on the TV. He did it without saying a word. I'm pretty sure he was in shock. At first, ...”

Ben Prell

Overland Park, KS – “I was living in Alexandria, VA at the time and had just started my third year of law school. I got up that morning, just like any other, and took the bus ...”

Chad Jones

Kansas City, MO – “I was teaching American History class at Park Hill South High School. My class was full of my students and other teachers' students because I had the best TV reception in the ...”

Tee Cox

Nevada, MO, MO – “I had a miscarriage on 9/11/01. I was at work and crowded with others around a radio in our office, then doubled in pain on my way back to my cubicle. I ...”

Kelli Bamforth

Kansas City, MO – “On Sept. 11, 2001, I was a freshman at New Jersey City University, a small college in Jersey City, NJ - just across the Hudson River. I was running late to one ...”

Lisa Bailey

Columbia, MO – “I remember this day so vividly in my head. My husband and I had given birth to a beautiful baby girl in August. We tried so hard for a child for years ...”

Lisa Pelofsky

Kansas City, MO – “I was attending a conference in Washington, D.C., at a hotel just a few blocks from the Pentagon when the planes crashed into the towers and then a short time later into ...”

Bernie Murray

Kansas City, MO – “I’m not a public safety individual, nor am I in the military. At the time on Sept. 11, 2011, I was a new mother working in the financial markets division of The ...”

dalton saunders

parkville, MO – “I was in 3rd grade. I remember all of the other 3rd grade teachers coming in and whispering about something. Then they brought the TV in. We all thought we were going ...”


Kansas City, MO – “I had just worked a flight with Midwest Airlines in Omaha and someone had told us that a plane had just crashed into the Trade Building. They thought they saw that the ...”

Linda Ulrich

Merriam, KS – “I will never forget that day, it was also my birthday. I was at work at Assurant Ins. Company. One of the girls I worked with had her radio on, and heard ...”

Rebecca S.

Kansas City, MO – “Sept. 10, 2011, I was on R & R vacation preparing to fly to Thailand from an active duty Army tour in South Korea. On Sept. 11, I was listed as missing ...”

Lauren Hickey

Kansas City – “My husband and I were newlyweds and moved to NYC for his fellowship 2 weeks before 9/11. We were in Chase Bank Midtown when my mom started calling to tell us a ...”

Dylan Feik

Olathe, KS – “I was a junior in high school and will never forget the news. I had just come from welding class and to this day, I associate shop fumes with 9/11. Anyway, I ...”

sonja frey

St. Joseph, MO – “Two of my friends and I had gone to the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament. We left NYC on an American flight to return to our homes in Maine on Sept. 7, 2001. ...”

Eddie Young

Leavenworth, KS – “I had retired from active-duty Army in December 1997, and accepted a job with the federal courts in Kansas City. My co-workers all looked straight at me when the news broke because ...”

Dianna Brown

Lawson, Mo. – “I flew from KC to Santa Monica, Calif., the previous day for a melanoma evaluation at the John Wayne Cancer Center. Those who were supposed to be in the trial couldn't get ...”

Michael Jones

Holden, Mo. – “I wear a memorial bracelet for the youngest firefighter killed in NYC. His name is Michael Cammarata, 22 years old. I will be riding to NYC and present a 9-11 tribute flag ...”

Judy Curttright

Kansas City, Mo. – “On 9/11 I was working as a Jury Room Clerk at the Circuit Court of Jackson County (Kansas City downtown branch). I was setting up for the morning of possible jurors to ...”

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